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In this space you will find all the Masterclasses I will be doing in the next few weeks!

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Ancla 1

01. Learn to 3D model with

Rhino from scratch

Do you want to learn Rhinoceros

from scratch?

July 1st & 2nd


03. Learn to approach the degree in a healthier way

Do you feel tired, demotivated and want to start enjoying the degree?

October 7th


02. Make your architecture portfolio stand out

Do you want to improve your portfolio or just start one from scratch?

July 22nd & 23rd

04. The next Masterclass should be about... 

Thank you for your idea!


Buy more than one Masterclass and get a discount!


Buy any two Masterclasses and get 10% off on your final purchase. 


Buy three Masterclasses and get 15% off on your final purchase. 


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