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We will be selling five units of the ArchiTopic physical Calendar for 2022. This product includes: the 11 months calendar (from February to December 2022) in A3 format, a weekly planner in A4 format and a 15% disccount on your next Creative Session!


The printed Calendar and Daily Planner will be delivered physically on a public spot in the center of Madrid. The five people who buy the calendar have the oportunity to attend, if they want, to a coffee shop to meet and have a conversation of an hour about architecture, studies and any other topic. This meeting will take place during the week of Feb. 7th, the exact place and time will be defined between us, selecting a schedule that works for all.

The ArchiTopic Calendar - Physical - English

  • You are purchasing a pack of three items, which include:

    - Printed calendar: eleven-month printed calendar in A3 format.

    - Printed daily planner: a copy of the digital daily planner in A4 format, this must also be in digital format to print several times or use digitally.

    - Discount on Creative Session: with this purchase you have a 15% discount on your next individual Creative Session (see description of this service on our website). This discount can be used only once and can be used by only one person.

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